The International Confederation of Addiction Research Associations (ICARA) is an international, nongovernmental, multi-professional and civil society organization bringing together individuals and organizations interested in promoting addiction science through professional exchange, collaboration and action.

The purpose of ICARA is to promote in all nations the scientific understanding addiction and related problems linked psychoactive substances.  As an international confederation of research societies, the purpose of ICARA is:

a) To promote national and international research on addictive behaviour and support activities that promote scientific integrity.

b) To create avenues for collaboration between addiction research societies and serve as a forum for exchange of information related to the management of scientific organizations (e.g., fund raising, advocacy, management, training, sponsorship of scientific journals, etc.)

c) To promote the development of research organizations in low or middle income countries or countries with emerging economies where alcohol and other addiction problems are likely to expand rapidly.

d) To articulate a global vision for the role of scientific inquiry in the prevention and treatment of addiction problems.


ICARA means “friends” in Gaelic and also refers to a cushion protecting a woman’s head in one of the languages spoken in Nigeria.