A group of South Korean students on a study visit to Solvenia in August 2016.
Report of Prevention Science Study Visit Sponsored by ICARA


An ICARA White Paper that describes the global infrastructure supporting addiction science and
the career opportunities available to addiction scientists.
Infrastructure and Career Opportunities in Addiction Science: The Emergence of an Interdisciplinary Field


The Sex and Gender Equity in Research (SAGER) guidelines are a comprehensive procedure for reporting
of sex and gender information in study design, data analyses, results and interpretation of findings.
Sex and gender equity paper 2016


This report describes the results of an International Seminar held at Sahmyook University,
Seoul, South Korea, June 19-20, 2016.
Building Capacity and Competency in Addiction Studies: Report of an International Seminar


Building Capacity in Addiction Studies:
International Collaboration in Education and Research


ICARA – a global forum for research associations
editorial by Kerstin Stenius in Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs
ICARA NAD 2012 editorial